JLS GROUND is a trucking services assisting companies who needs warehousing, physical distribution, and pick/pack requirements of all general merchandise. The range of services include cross-docking, repackaging, pick and pack service, computerized inventory control with web access to inventory, E.D.I. capabilities, and short and long term storage. JLS GROUND offers storage and distribution services tailored to meet your company’s needs and budget.

Transportation Safety

Safety goals are established for the well-being of both employees and customers. Workplace safety includes the front office, warehouse, loading dock and highway. Highway safety includes enforcing driver rest periods, vehicle maintenance standards and driver proficiency requirements. The goal is to eliminate or mitigate every possible safety risk on company property, every safety risk on the highway and every safety risk when employees are at customer facilities.

Quality Shipping Standards

Our company has the knowledge and expertise to get goods delivered without delay or damage. Transportation and logistics expertise includes export and import documentation, hazardous cargo shipment, and tracking and investigating losses suffered by goods during transit. The goal should be that every product will be delivered to the final destination without any damage or loss of value. An additional transportation goal is the timely delivery of goods. GOAL share is that freight will be delivered on time, every time.

Competitive Rate Structure

Competitive advantage in shipping rates is a key element of a transportation company’s success. Shipping rate goals can be reached by developing plans for increased market share through innovative rate structures, offering volume discounts and offering special discounts to favored customers. Some companies also advertise that they have no extra charges for special requests such as next-day delivery or morning delivery, offering extra convenience to price-conscious customers.

Quality Employees

Goals should include a commitment to hire the highest-quality drivers, warehouse personnel and support staff in the industry. This goal can be achieved through the company’s willingness to provide trucks that incorporate the latest technology, generous mileage rates, paid vacation time that increases with longevity, company contributions to 401k plans, and excellent medical insurance plans. Other benefit options that truck drivers look for are time at home with families, paid holidays, and commitment to a drug-free environment.